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We know almost exactly
how many stars exist in our milky way
but we have no idea about the number of species
living on our planet

Does mankind have no interest in his cohabitants?

With my work, I want to help a little bit to change this inadequacy

This site is published for the purpose of introducing myself and my work.
My main interests are tropical Asian snakes and generally the large field of biodiversity.
With the checklist for the genus Boiga I want add a contribution to the systematic of the Asian snakes and especially of these fascinating snakes.
More checklists might follow.

I want to thank a few people, who helped me with the compilation of this site.
First there is Janis Kruse, the captain of our Rugby team, who did the layout and programming.
Carl Sundberg made the pdf files.
Andy Watson and his charming wife took a deep look at the English text.
Patrick David looked through the taxonomical part.
Following persons contributed photos to the checklist:
Thomas Monigatti, Johan van Rooijen, Aaron Lobo, Ishan Agarwal, Le Khac Quyet, Ruchira Somaweera, Viral Mistry, Max Dehling, Pradeep Samarawickrama, Firoz Ahmed, Jakob H. Christensen, Timo Paasikunnas, S. P. Vijayakumar, S. R. Ganesh.

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