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What is special with the series Terralog?

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Süamerika Titelblatt coming next

This series is the first of its kind, that tries to show all species and subspecies of reptiles of the world in pictures. The authors try to do whatever possible to get pictures of all species in the habitat. As this is not always possible, some extremely rare (perhaps never ever photographed) forms are shown as conserved specimens. Beside a checklist of all species, it is tried to show here distribution maps for all forms. Some symbols give hints. For many species pictures of the habitat are shown.

In this first volume all 169 species and subspecies are shown, 10 of them as preserved specimens.

Many forms are shown for he first time.
106 photographers from 21 different countries contributed with 3500 pictures alltogether.
Of these 520 were choosen and shown.

[Example 1]   
[Example 2]   
[Example 1 Africa]   
[Example 2 Africa]   
[Example 1 Europa/Near East]   
[Example 2 Europa/Near East]   

Order please to: gernot.vogel@t-online.de
44,80 Euro, each volume + 3 Euro postage

The following herpetologists and snake enthusiasts contributed pictures to Terralog Europe:

Photographers Europe

The following herpetologists and snake enthusiasts contributed pictures to Terralog Asia:
Christophe Abegg, France
Ishan Agarwal, India
Firoz Ahmed, India
Ramana Athreya, India
Mark Auliya, Germany
Raoul Bain, USA
Daniel Bennett, Australia
Patrik Blomsten, Sweden
Michael Bollhorn, Germany
Xavier Bonnet, France
Norbert Brachtel, Germany
Rafe Brown, USA
Ashok Captain, India
Lawan Chanhome, Thailand
Indraneil Das, India
Ruud de Lang, The Netherlands
Maximilian Dehling, Germany
Maik Dobiey, Germany
Bing-jun Dong, China
Michael Fischer, Germany
Paul Freed, USA
Agustin Fuentes, USA
Maren Gaulke, Germany
Sameer Ghodke, India
Lee L. Grismer, USA
Peng Guo, China
Ruston Hartdegen, USA
David Hegner, Czech Republik
Peter Heimes, USA
Friedrich Wilhelm Henkel, Germany
Hans-Joachim Herrmann, Germany
Daniel Heuclin, France
Pauli Hien, Germany
Rick Hodges, UK
Jeremy Holden, UK
Isao Hoshino, Japan
Mian Hou, China
Tomas Jäckel, Thailand
Ulrich Joger, Germany
Bao-yuan Jin, China
Muhammad Sharif Khan, Pakistan
Jonathan Kolby, USA
Ulrich Kuch, Germany
Björn Lardner, Sweden
Michael Lau, China
Pi-peng Li, China
Dong Lin, Myanmar
Karl E.Linsenmair, Germany
Aaron S.Lobo, India
Shun-quing Lu, China
Mario Lutz, Germany
Norio Maeda, Japan
Rudolf Malkmus, Germany
Sibylle Manthey, Germany
Ulrich Manthey, Germany
Colin J.McCarthy, UK
Lindley McKay, Australia
Tian Mingyi, China
Viral K. Mistry, India
John B.Murphy, USA
Quang Truong Nguyen, Vietnam
Mark O'Shea, UK
Nicolai L.Orlov, Russia
Norbert Plogmann, Germany
Ding-qi Rao, China
Manuel Ruedi, Swizerland
Maxim Ryzhov, Russia
Vijayakumar S. P., India
Hiroyuki Sato Japan
Hans Hermann Schleich, Germany
Shintaro Seki, Japan
Saibal Sengupta, India
Jan Ševcík, Czech Republik
Kartik Shanker, India
Lee Kwong Shing, China
Joseph B.Slovinski, USA
Eric Smith, USA
Ruchira Somaweera, Sri Lanka
Jeet Sukumaran, Malaysia
Darryl Sweetland, England
Karl H.Switak, USA
Ludek Sykora, Czech Republik
John Tashijan, USA
Alexandre Teynié, France
Emmanuel Theophilus, India
Michelle Thorn, UK
Mingyi Tian, China
Frank Tillak, Germany
Ludwig Trutnau, Germany
Ming-chung Tu, Taiwan
Hla Tun, Myanmar
Ryu Uchiyama, Japan
Johan van Rooijen, Netherlands
Dick Visser, The Netherlands
Gernot Vogel, Germany
Shiuang Wang, Taiwan
Leif Westrin, Sweden
Romulus Whitaker, India
Anthony Whitten, England
Guan-fu Wu, China
Wolfgang Wüster, UK
Er-mi Zhao, China
Wen-ge Zhao, China
Zheng-yan Zhou, China
Thomas Ziegler, Germany

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