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Below there is a small selection of sites concerning the topics of my interests.
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Bibliomania-Herplinks Index for the contents of the most important herpetological journals
EMBL-Database Index for all living reptiles
DGHT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde
Naturemalaysia The most interesting forums and informations about the herpetofauna of Malaysia.
Die meiner Meinung nach beste Seite über die Herpetofauna Malaysias.
Amphibians of the world List of amphibian species of the world
Frogs of the Malay Peninsula A fine page about the frogs of Malaya with many pictures, a checklist and a list of all described names
Homepage Werner Strassmann Interesting private homepage on snakes and snake keeping.
Interessante Homepage von Werner Strassmann über Schlangen und Schlangenhaltung.

Tanja ;-)

A breeders page mainly dedicated to the genus Atheris
Reptilien Tom Tom's Reptilienseite
Villa Boa A nice breeders page with help for orphaned animals
UK Goannas Chris Applin Reptile page
Homepage of Wolfgang Wüster Update of poisonous snake research
GenBank The NCBI GenBank
Indonesian Nature Conservation Database Checklists of the Indonesian fauna and more
Operation Wallacea Important project to explore the biodiversity of Sulawesi
The Agkistrodon-complex Everything about the Agkistrodon-complex
Aquatic snakes of Southeast Asia Aquatic snake research page at the Field Museum
Informations about John C. Murphy A great researcher and photographer who was very helpful to me
Herpetoculturists page Interesting page about herpetoculturing

Genus Boiga
Boiga Webpage Private webpage about the genus Boiga of Angi Nelson.
Webpage mainly on the genus Boiga Another private webpage about the genus Boiga of Chris Lagewaard.
Tout sur le genre Boiga A good French sire about the genus Boiga

Herpetological Literature
Chimaira One of my publishers and one of the best reptile book stores in the world
Koeltz Scientific books The other publisher of mine and a large bookstore
The snakes of India A fascinating book about the snakes of India by Romulus Whitaker and Ashok Captain

Taxonomists of the world Directories of taxonomists
Biosystematics Biosystematic documentation
American Museum of Natural History: Biodiversity Research in Vietnam
Ecology of Southeast Asia Interesting site about the Ecology of Southeast Asia
Fauna & Flora International Interesting biodiversity site
Malayan Nature Society They take care of the Malayan nature
Herpetology in South Asia The page of HISASIA. They take care of the South Asian nature
Chulalongkorn University The Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Department of Biology. They have an interesting Natural History journal
WWF Conservation Science Page of the WWF about the rainforests of the Indo-Malayan region
PSCP_Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project Organisation zur Erhaltung der Biodiversität auf Panay. Zwei meiner Veröffentlichungen (mit meiner geschätzten Kollegin Maren Gaulke) befassen sich mit der Schlangenfauna dieser Insel.

scrum.de deutsches Rugby-Portal
scrum.com International rugby portal
HTV Rugby The page of my rugby club
Rugby the best Rugbylinks
DRV Homepage of the German Rugbyboard DRV
RBW Rugbyverband Baden Württemberg

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