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Trimeresurus vogeli David, Vidal & Pauwels 2001

A large species of the Trimeresurus stejnegeri-complex. Trimeresurus vogeli was described from Nakhon Ratchasima province in Thailand. Meanwhile specimens were found in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

It is living at elevations between 200 m and 1200 m. There it is found preliminary in evergreen forests, sometimes in areas of scrubs and grasslands. It is often living close to water. Most snakes were collected at night between 0 and 3 m above the ground on stumps, shrubs and low trees. They prey on frogs, mice and lizards.

This species is easy maintained in captivity and, and it has been bred frequently, although, no data has been published. I captivity this species is distinctly arboreal and active during the night. Compared to other Trimeresurus species, only very hungry animals accepted food during the day. Trimeresurus vogeli is more aggressive than other green pitvipers. One female killed two males, one during feeding, and the other one without obvious reason.

Picture 1 Trimeresurus vogeli, pair; female above
Trimeresurus Vogeli pair

Picture 2 Trimeresurus vogeli, male
Trimeresurus Vogeli male

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