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Dendrelaphis haasi de Rooijen & Vogel 2008

Another new species of the genus Dendrelaphis with a total length up to about 95cm.
We found specimens from Peninsular Malaysia (including Tioman Island), Sumatra (including Nias, the Mentawei Archipelago and Billiton), Java and Borneo. It is similar to Dendrelaphis pictus, but there are lots of differences. Some differences can be seen on the pictures for others see below.
This species is named after Mr C. P. J. De Haas who collected a wealth of material that is still proving to be of great scientific value.

Dendrelaphis haasi is imported from time to time under the name Dendrelaphis pictus. Like all members of that genus is not easy to keep in captivity and obviously feeds mostly on lizards. As this species was not reckognized in the past, little is known about the biology

Differences between Dendrelaphis haasi and Dendrelaphis pictus: D. haasi differs from D. pictus in possessing a faint, instead of bright, ventrolateral line, a narrow, instead of broad, postocular stripe, broader vertebral scales, a lower number of temporal scales, a higher number of subcaudals, a smaller eye, a longer tail and a parietal scale that extends further down the side of the head.

Dendrelaphis haasi, Specimen from West Malaysia

Dendrelaphis haasi

Dendrelaphis haasi, Specimen from West Malaysia

Dendrelaphis haasi2

Dendrelaphis haasi, Specimen from West Malaysia

Dendrelaphis haasi3

Dendrelaphis haasi, Specimen from West Malaysia, close up of the head

Dendrelaphis haasi4

Dendrelaphis pictus, Specimen from West Malaysia, for comparison

Dendrelaphis pictus

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