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Trimeresurus nebularis David, Vogel & Pauwels 2004

A large species of the Trimeresurus popeiorum-complex. Trimeresurus nebularis lives in the Cameron Highlands in West-Malaysia and is obviously endemic for that area. We cannot rule out that this species will be found in other highlands of Malaysia.

This species is active during the night and arboreal. Little is published about the biology.

The name of this species is the Latin adjective nebularis, meaning -from the clouds-, in allusion to the cloudy montain rainforests, or cloud forests, inhabited by this species. Trimeresurus nebularis is easy to maintain in captivity but a high humidity should be provided. Nothing is known about breeding this species in captivity.

Picture 1 Trimeresurus nebularis, female
Trimeresurus nebularis female

Picture 2 Trimeresurus nebularis, juvenile male
Trimeresurus nebularis juvenile female

Picture 3 Trimeresurus nebularis, juvenile female
Trimeresurus nebularis juvenile female

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